Develops and manufactures new products for sample preparation in the field of electron microscopy with a special focus on Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy (CLEM).

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CryoCapCell is a biotechnology company
that develops and manufactures new products...”

Once a sample has been vitrified by High Pressure Freezing, it is convenient to warm it back to room temperature for further analysis by electron microscopy.

To prevent damages to the specimen during this warming process, and ensure full use of the material, the sample is dehydrated at low temperatures (-90°C) in presence of solvant, fixators (aldehydes) and contrasting agents (often heavy metal salts). Then the solvant is replaced by a resin that is polymerized while warming the sample to room temperature.

We identified that the existing pool of resins used in volume electron microscopy is not fulfilling the general needs for Volume Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy. This is why we designed a novel resin, starting from a white page, to adress all the challenges associated to volume CLEM. The R221 is our answer these challenges.