Develops and manufactures new products for sample preparation in the field of electron microscopy with a special focus on Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy (CLEM).

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CryoCapCell is a biotechnology company
that develops and manufactures new products...”

The CryoCapsule is a revolutionary product
to conduct correlative light to electron microscopy
studies using vitrification.

Composed of a sapphire disc printed with carbon coordinates and a gold spacer ring maintained together by a polyethylene based ring.

It is entirely harmless to the biological material and protects it against hazardous manipulations during sample preparation.

All manipulations are done...

Via the plastic ring, preventing scratching of the sapphire surface containing the biological materials.

The 50um thick gold spacer ring creates a cavity to prevent unwanted pressure or shear forces on the cells before vitrification by high pressure freezing.

In comparison to the conventional sapphire disc manipulation, the number of manipulation steps is reduced from 8 to 4 :

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