Develops and manufactures new products for sample preparation in the field of electron microscopy with a special focus on Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy (CLEM).

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CryoCapCell is a biotechnology company
that develops and manufactures new products...”

We are very proud to announce that our technology eC-CLEM was used as a central piece of the full correlative workflow combining light microscopy and cryo-XRay !

This work has been accepted in CELL !

Have a look for yourself, it is open-access and explore our technologies !

Open Access Published:June 30, 2020DOI:


CryoCapCell is proud to present it's latest results in Cryo-CLEM workflow: from Live to CryoLight microscopy and CryoEM.

Join us at the conference to discuss our latest outcome

CryoCapCell will present it's latest progresses on Cryo-CLEM workflows.

Come and discuss with us the potential of High Pressure Freezing on your scientific project and with Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy.

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Xavier Heiligenstein is giving a lecture and hands on practical for eC-CLEM

Join the course to learn more about image registration in correlative light and electron microscopy

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CryoCapCell is invited to give a lecture at the prestigeous Koch Institute of the MIT

Join us to discuss about High Pressure Freezing technologies and related solutions to conduct advanced correlative light and electron microscopy

Xavier Heiligenstein is an invited lecturer of the CryoMicroscopyGroup in Nottingham. He will present the latest progresses on High Pressure Freezing, Sample embedding and image registration for Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy

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In February, CryoCapCell members co-signed a paper in Nature Methods:

eC-CLEM is the next generation of image registration software for correlative light and electron microscopy.

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